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·         Detailed granular analysis of “How you do your processing”.  Deep dive into your price and why it is tiered or interchange plus. Address
Verification Service (AVS), CVV usage, Durbin rules. Is your staff properly trained? The analysis is designed to reveal hidden costs and to find ways to optimize your savings and enhance the long term profitability of your business.

·         Assistance with the completion of your PCI compliance questionnaire and help with designing a written policy.

·         Waiver of first year PCI compliance fee up to $49.00.

·         Business to Business processing! Are you accepting large purchasing cards? What software can be used to reduce your interchange costs by over one percent (1.00 %?) Review level 2 and level 3 processing.

·         POS solutions for Retail, Restaurants and Salon that cost no more than $2800.00 for a single station and is combined with Gift Card and Credit Card processing. Amplifying the ease of doing business!


·         Installment and recurring payment systems that can be used for Multi Locations or specially designed for Multi Users in  the same location e.g. professional Service office( Doctors Office)


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