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Revenue Enhancers

The Durbin Rules as it relates to interchange. How does it work?  Should I do PIN DEBIT transactions or should I swipe each card.  What are the benefits? Is my staff trained to maximize the benefits for my business?

Gift and loyalty card programs. Understand your true cost, breakage and increased sales opportunities.

High transaction count merchants - Get unlimited paper supply for your terminal at $5.00 per month. Not a gimmick; paper costs can be exorbitant.  Next day funding for transactions batched out prior to 10:00PM Eastern including Saturday and Sunday transactions, are deposited to your account on Monday!

Extreme Digital FX (  ) is a web based printing and graphic design company specializing in helping individuals and companies with their marketing needs.  They provide services for many different printing products such as business cards and postcards.  Their customers have many options when it comes to their printing needs, and Premier Financial Solutions have a special pricing referral program for its clients.   Contact them at 877-670-4224 or email at and mention Premier Financial Solution.



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